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Pests as unwanted guests – We’ll help keep your home safe and sound

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In this blog we’ll go through the preventative measures of rodent control, and how to deal with rodents should the problem arise.

Antitec Oy offers pest control for individual households and businesses, housing cooperatives and real estate management companies.

Defense is the best offense

Rodents, such as mice and rats, can take a look at bird-feeders, open trash containers and cracks in basement insulation as an invitation to enter your home. Mice are talented climbers and can find their ways in trash sheds, warehouses, even balconies.

There are ways for households to deal with singular mice once or twice, but when dealing with a possible population or generations of mice, it’s time to have a licenced professional take care of them. The law in Finland permits the uses of certain pesticides only to licenced businesses in the registry of TUKES. That means that the materials in supermarkets that are available for every household are not nearly as potent.


Tips on how to prevent a rodent problem from forming:

  • Trimming any trees or bushes that might allow rodents to climb onto houses
  • Fixing any cracks in insulation of walls
  • Making sure the inlets of pipes and electricity wiring are safe, not too wide or damaged
  • Making sure the trash bins are kept shut, tightly, and are emptiet at a decent schedule.

Notice, that a mouse only needs a hole >0.5 cm in diameter to enter. A rat gets by from a hole of >2 cm in diameter.

Rabbits in suburbs are not considered pests. They do not possess the same kind of threat to human health as other rodents. (Here is an article in Finnish about rabbits)

Dealing with a rodent problem

Situational awareness when making a plan for mice or rats is key. Things to look out for in the location are; the amount of rodents, their paths, and risks they may have already caused (to food safety, hygiene, and wiring – chewed up wires may cause fires).

We follow the good practices put in place by the Finnish authority TUKES when it comes to rodent control.

Usually our rodent control plans combine the use of different styles of trapping stations. Modern trapping stations are designed to go unnoticed and not to disturb homeowners or business spaces.

In this article (in Finnish) you’ll find some notes for housing cooperatives, what they should keep in mind when deciding on a pest control partner.

Antitec also offers pesticide-free alternatives for rodent control, which are usually seen as more ethical, such as Rataway GN A24, Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mousetrap Camro ST25 and TrapMe -devices. More information on pesticide-free methods, please review our blog from August 2022 (in Finnish).

Make sure the problem doesn’t come back (RodentProtection-plan)

With a longer term Biosafety-plan we place monitoring stations and trapping stations on the plausible pathways of rodents. When noticing results, we will adjust the placements of the stations.

With these methods we’re able to prevent the rodents from growing into full populations, and thus we prevent damages to structures, wiring and materials.

Scheduled check-ups with the stations will keep you fully up-tp-date with your rodent situation, throughout. Our professionally qualified pest controllers ensure that our monitoring and bait stations are up and running every day of the year. Reporting happens through our online-customer portal PestScan, and is both secure and fast.

For regional contact details of the expert nearest to you, please visit our Contact page.

Sources for this blog, in addition to the Antitec website, include:

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