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Antitec is a fully owned Finnish pest control and pest management company founded in Turku in 2005 and owned by its own staff. Antitec Oy (A-Haittaeläintorjunta Oy) was established to serve the food sector primarily with pest and vermin control, but with better professionalism than ever before. The founding members already had several (tens of) years of experience and thus diverse professional expertise in pest control and pest management. Today, we are the leading fully Finnish pest control operator in Finland. We offer pest control and pest management services up to and including disinfection. We also take food and surface cleanliness samples if necessary. We also act as industry trainers and consultants. Our area of operation is the whole of Finland.

Our company values

Our daily motto is:

Quality work is the result of professionalism and customer focus. Quality delivers customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction equals a successful business.

We are also actively involved in developing even better practices for our industry. We have been part of the working group since 2007. We also operate internationally.

  • We have been a member of Gafta since 2013.
  • We obtained GTAS certification for fumigation from Gafta in 2017.
  • On 1 September 2017, we were also the first company in Finland to receive CEPA certification for the EN 16636:2015 quality standard.
  • We have been a member of CEPA since 2018.

We perform pest control service nationwide in Finland. Our main offices are:

But because we operate nationwide, Central Finland, Eastern Finland, Kainuu and Oulu and Lapland also belong to our areas of operation.


Our Code of Ethics Download PDF