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As a nationwide pest control company, Antitec provides you professional pest control services also in Lapland near Kemijärvi e.g., in Inari, Kemi, Kittilä, Rovaniemi, Sodankylä and Tornio.

Either we take care of your problem by ourselves, or consult our long-term business partner Napapiirin Tuhohyönteistorjunta.

Please contact us. We will find out the most suitable solution for your pest problem.

Our business partner in Lapland

Napapiirin Tuhohyönteistorjunta

Seppo Parviainen

+358 400 397 924 Message to Antitec


High-quality pest control from Finland, since 2005.

We offer pest control services for acute problems, and also preventive pest control.

Pest control

Pest control means professional and systematically planned actions, which target is to reduce the number of pests detected at site to acceptable level.

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Preventive pest control

Preventive pest control means e.g., changing the environmental conditions so that they are unsuitable or no longer attractive to pests.

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Voitte soittaa meille joko suoraan tai lähettää sähköpostia. Voitte myös jättää yhteystietonne yhteydenottolomakkeen kautta ja olemme teihin yhteydessä mitä pikimmiten. Vastaamme mielellämme myös askarruttaviin kysymyksiinne. Ottakaa meihin yhteyttä ja kysykää lisää laadukkaista palveluistamme!

Pest control for households and businesses

Our competitive edge comes from the level of quality we provide with our services. Our equipment and methods of pest control are best in the industry, as we continuously follow new innovations. Our experts know-how is up to date with current regulations, and customer-care is our key way of working.