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Mice, rats and moles are the most common rodents found in Finland that can be classified as pests or even vermin. Of these, mice and rats can usually be identified by their long, rounded bodies and also by their long tails.

Rats and mice live all over the world, most commonly around humans. Indoors, rats and mice are most commonly found in basements, storerooms, attics and drains. Rodents have a special ability to adapt to different living conditions and are therefore found almost all over Finland, but rarely in the northernmost Lapland.

Not only do rats and mice wreak havoc by eating food, but they are still mainly a hygiene problem, spreading many diseases by defecating on food. Rats in particular are known to spread infectious diseases (e.g. plague, salmonella and Weil’s disease) without contracting them themselves. In addition, both mice and rats can cause extensive indirect damage (e.g. fires) by chewing on electrical wires, for example.

There is little we ethical pest control professionals can do about squirrels. They are protected animals during their breeding season (almost all year round) in Finland.

The squirrels could be expelled on their own. You just place some very bad smelling (e.g. ammonia or similar) rags or towels nearby (e.g. on a roof). If the above does not help, we recommend that you contact your local hunting district for help.

Control and eradication of mice

Mouse control should be primarily preventive, for example by.

  • sealing the seams and gaps in the building
  • by thinning out the trees and vegetation on the site, in effect reducing climbing opportunities
  • and by storing foodstuffs in the dwelling properly and as tightly as possible.

Although a wide range of products are available from retail outlets to combat mice (including traps, snares and poisons), we recommend that you seek professional help for your mouse problem at the latest when you have exhausted your own resources. We use only professional methods and products that are clean and unobtrusive in appearance, but above all, guaranteed to be more effective than consumer-only products.

If mice are a regular occurrence in your habitat, we recommend a continuous biosecurity contract instead of seasonal intensive mouse control, so that your mouse situation is under control all year round.

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Rat control and eradication

It is also worthwhile to invest in rat control with the above-mentioned preventive measures.

However, if a rat problem does occur, we are of course here to help, as you can no longer buy products for rat control from retail outlets without the necessary pest control or phytosanitary certification. We will develop a professional and personalised control plan for your site. We then dispose of the rats using only professional baiting and trapping methods.

You should inquire about a permanent control contract immediately after an intensive rat control, either directly from our pest controllers or from our customer service. Our prices are guaranteed to be competitive!

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Common vole

8-10,5 cm + häntä

Bank vole

n. 10 cm + häntä


11-29 cm + häntä

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Yellow-necked mouse

9-13 cm + häntä

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House mouse

7-10 cm + häntä

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