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Disinfection treatments

Disinfection treatments performed by highly-skilled people with professional equipment are the most efficient way to disinfect large or otherwise challenging sites. Our disinfection treatments are always personalised, so whether you need to disinfect your home, your chicken hen house or even your warehouse, please contact us.

Why shall I choose a professional?

Active ingredients of a disinfectant can be selected from a wide range of options, but the choice requires professional skills and experience. This is because not all ingredients affect all micro-organisms, such as bacteria, their spores, mycobacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses. The long-term chemical stability of the substance must also be taken into account.

We perform our disinfection treatments so that they are customized to your site and complete all the requirements by authorities. We carry out the necessary treatment with professional equipment and years of experience and professionalism, so that the end result is always a clean and pest-free space.

Disinfection of animal holdings

Different animal site (e.g., hen houses, piggeries and production facilities) require disinfection treatments regularly.

Over the years, we have worked on numerous projects for various animal farms such as. disinfection and disinfection treatments of broiler houses, chicken houses and pig houses. Our disinfection services, with professional equipment and solid professionalism, are always carried out on a case-by-case basis and tailored to your needs. This way we can guarantee a professional result.

Disinfection to households

We also perform disinfection treatments (e.g., odoring) to households, which have seen an unfortunate death. In these situations, the quality of the work and discretion are particularly important to us. Our professional and high quality work ensures the satisfaction of the relatives even in these sad circumstances.

If you require disinfection treatment of need additional information, please contact us. We are very happy to tell you more!