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Dozens of different species of ants live in our country. The most damaging of these are the sugar ant, the carpenter ant, the horse ant and, most recently, the pharaoh ant.

The sugar ant (Lasius niger) is the most common ant species causing problems in Finland. Its nest is usually found outside next to plinths, under stone slabs or in similar places. Indoors, it is usually only found when foraging for food. Most of the time it is harmless, but it is sensitive to infiltration of food.

Horse ants (Camponotus herculeanus) are again the most common ant species in Finland. Horse ants most commonly nest in the lower parts of trees. Indoors, they are found making nests in the wooden structures of buildings. The horse ant does not actually eat wood, but builds its own tunnels in the wood material.

The pharaoh ant (Monomorium pharaonis) is the newest ant species in Finland. It has been imported into our country from the tropics. In Finland, it is now found in all kinds of environments. It is omnivorous, making a nest or even several remote nests. This makes it extremely difficult to control at home.


Sugar ant is about 4 mm long, black ant.


Carpenter ant is a 6-18 mm long and mostly black ant, whose mid trunk is dark brown.


Pharaoh ant is an extremely small ant, about 2 mm long. Its main color can be yellow, red or even transparent.


Pest control of ants

First, the situation is analysed and an individual prevention plan is drawn up for the site. Then an effective and quality control treatment. We use a variety of methods to achieve the best possible results as quickly as possible. We also try to avoid the use of biocides as much as possible.

Our technical responsible persons, will provide upon request additional information about our pest control methods and techniques. Please, contact us for more information!

What can I do by myself?

Sugar ants

Keep all your sweet foodstuff e.g. in the glass jar under the tight lid.

Carpenter ants

Do regular inspections especially regarding the wooden structures of your town house and/or summer cottage. Start the required repair work as soon as possible after you have noticed the changes.

How to prepare?

If you are unable to solve your mouse or mice problem with the preventive actions, please contact us. We will solve it!

Remove all things away from where the pest control is about to take place e.g. indoor wall or outdoors. However, large and heavy furniture like bookshelves and barbeque grills do not have to be moved. If you have an aquarium, you should also cover it well and take its filter system off. NOTE! Let us in when we arrive to your door. If you are not at home, please make sure that you have taken your kids and pets out from your apartment and the master key of your housing company have access to your apartment (security lock is left open). Thank you for your co-operation!