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Pest control of bed bugs

Basic principles of bed bug control

Bed bug

Bed bug (Cimex lectularius) is one of the nastiest household pests. Bed bugs are very often so big and long-term problems that cannot be solved by yourself. Therefore, professional help is mostly required.

We start the project by investigating the site. We check the site carefully and try to estimate how big problem is and how far it has already been spread. You can check any traces of bed bugs e.g., from under your bed, around your bed (mattress) and any cracks and holes very close to your bed. You can also very carefully try to remove flooring list and check if you find any living bed bugs from there. Bed bugs leave traces of their feces, which are quite easily seen. If you see black spots, which spread around, when you wipe them with moistured clothing, you can expect that you will have a bed bug problem.

Please call professional pest controller to site as soon as possible. Problem is usually solved more quickly when we can start our pest control actions immediately when the problem arises. Costs will be also much smaller then. Bed bugs can be encountered also behind flooring lists, in the holes of your night table and bed headboard.

Before any actions, site is carefully investigated. Traces of bed bug feces in picture

Pest control of bed bugs

Antitec performs pest control against bed bugs by using several methods. Co-operation with customer and pest controller is always very important. Our instructions can be e.g., wash all your bed textiles in your washing machine (minimum temperature of the program shall be 60 C). Bed bug problem can be solved when co-operation with customer and pest controller is working perfectly. It is usually highly recommended that your bed(s) is recycled at first. Alternatively, we can also steam it and wrap it with the bag if it can installed around it very tightly. That bag keeps bed bugs inside.

Then we continue by vacuuming and use insecticides. Special sticky tapes and cups can be also installed to your bed, which prevent bed bugs entering there. Regular monitoring is performed with specially designed pheromone traps. Those pheromone traps are installed already at first phase. Those pheromone traps shall not be touched and/or moved. Because bed bugs reproduce quickly, project is over very seldom quickly. Therefore, you shall, at least mentally, prepare for several pest control visits until the final bed bug is eliminated.

Bed bugs can be also conquire your sofa.

Please contact our local pest controller

Antitec performs pest control actions against bed bugs nationwide in Finland. Please contact our local office for more information. Bed bugs are so common today (also for us), that we will solve also your problem. We won’t give up until the problem is solved. We are at your service.