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Restaurants and food sector

Antitec Oy is a pest control company certified to several international quality standards.

We have e.g., ISO 9001 quality certification, which reflects the overall nature of what we do and enables us to serve international food chains. We were also the first pest control company in Finland to achieve the CEPA EN 16636:2015 quality standard.

We know all the challenges of Finnish food production and restaurant businesses very well, every step on the way from the field to your table. Our customer-oriented way of working means that we take different business into account when implementing our services; a café on a promenade obviously needs a different pest control package than a cow farm.

Beside the consultancy work from our professionals and their pest control work, our customers will get an access to our electronic online PestScan customer system with real-time e-reports.

Our client system also includes all installed monitoring stations in a map. Our customer can also follow our observations in real-time. With an easy access to our pest control visits and all pesticides we have used at site, your regular audits will be less stressful.

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We design our pest management plan for our customers. Our plan e.g., defines action threshold limits of all monitoring stations; if e.g., several flies are detected, shall be perform an additional pest control treatment.

Some of the monitoring stations we offer, have also intelligence and live monitoring capabilities, giving the restaurateur and us at Antitec the best chance of catching any rodent or insect sightings quickly, before the situation develops into a bigger problem. In this way, we protect the entrepreneur from loss of earnings and, thanks to real-time situational information, we can be sure the level of hygiene at your site.

Decree of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health on hygiene in food premises:

Food must be handled in such a way as to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and deterioration in the hygienic quality of the food. Food must be protected from microbes and pests and, where necessary, from moisture, heat, light, chemicals and other harmful effects.

>Thus, pest control is also very important for the hygiene of food premises. Pests act primarily as disease vectors for epidemics, but they are also a very bad publicity for your business. Reliable pest management on your food handling premises protects your business. We provide both all protection you need as well as quality reporting you need, which both proves that everything is in perfect condition.

Our services in a nutshell:

  • Pest control and monitoring: We prevent, detect and eliminate both rodents and insects (both flying and crawling).
  • Comprehensive and high-quality reporting: we provide you with comprehensive reports on all inspection and control visits, including food and surface contamination samples. We recommend that you link our certificates to your company’s self-monitoring system.

With our professional and high-quality service, you can ensure the hygiene level of your working environment and at the same time minimise the risk of infection.