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Finnish pest control services

Fast and comprehensive pest control service with high quality and solid professionalism!

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Our nationwide customer service is available every work day on 8.00-16.30.

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Call us 02 230 5673 Send message
Our nationwide customer service is available every work day on 8.00-16.30.

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Finnish pest control services from year 2005

Customer oriented and professional pest control services with high quality. We offer all available acute pest control services. We also help you to prevent them re-appearing.

Pest control

Pest control means professional and systematically planned actions to eliminate all existing pests and significantly reduce their amount at site.

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Preventive pest control

Preventive actions mean e.g., altering environment so that it does not anymore fit or attract pests.

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Identify your pest

With you from identification to elimination

Familiarize yourself to most common pests in Finland with these info pages. We have categorized the pests to make it easier for you. We help you to identify pests in your property. You can also study different pests here.

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We remove pests from your home

Our services are always customized to meet the needs of you, your home or its properties. For example, we take into account sizes, quantities and other special features of your apartment. It is utmost important for us that we all have peaceful mind 365 days a year. When you need professional pest control services or want more information about our services before making a final decision, please contact us.

Our solutions to different industries

Every customer is important for us. We know that both business and private customers have their special requirements. If you running your own business, take you time and pre-study our services whenever suitable for you.

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Ennaltaehkäisevän tuholaistorjunnan hyödyt

Tarkka hygienia on elinehto kaikissa ravitsemusalan yrityksissä. Luotettavan tuholaistorjuntakumppanin kanssa yrityksesi varmistaa tekevänsä oikeita toimenpiteitä sesonkien välissäkin. Meillä Antitecilla on todella pitkä historia Suomen ravintola-alan ja ruuantuotannon koko toimitusketjun turvaamisessa niin jyrsijöiltä kuin hyönteisiltä. Henkilöstöämme koulutetaan jatkuvasti alan ja menetelmien kehittyessä. Valitsemme toimittajamme hyvin tarkoin, mikä heijastuu laadukkaisiin tuloksiimme kaikissa asiakaskohteissamme.

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