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Cockroaches have lived here forever. They inhabited our planet well before human-being, and most likely, they will stay here after us.

Cockroaches are also common in Finland e.g., German (Blatta germanica), Dusky (Ectobius lapponicus), Forest (Ectobius sylvestris), Brown-banded (Supella longipalpa), American (Periplaneta americana), Australian (Periplaneta australasiae) and Oriental (Periplaneta orientalis).

Cockroaches look nasty, but they also spread diseases. Because cockroaches are a healthy-risk, you must act quickly if you encounter those in your apartment. Contact your landlord and/or housing manager without hesitation.

Most cockroaches enter Finland from abroad. When travelling, please check you belongings carefully, when returning home.


German cockroach (Blatta germanica) is most common species in Finland. Its length is approximately 10-15 mm and it is mostly gold or dark brown.

Because several species of cockroaches exists, they are also different with size and colour. Dusky (Ectobius lapponicus) and Forest cockroach (Ectobius sylvestris), who can be found from Finnish nature, do not require professional pest control when only 1-2 can be found indoors.

What can I do by myself?

Cockroaches enter your home or business e.g., thru cracks, holes, sewerage and ventilation. Kitchen of your home or business can be attractive to cockroaches, if the following issues are not solved:

  • Regularly clean up all food waste (e.g. bread and bunny crumbs) from the kitchen levels.
  • Keep all your dry foodstuff e.g. in the glass jar under the tight lid.
  • Keep kitchen sink and buckets free from liguids.
  • Carefully clean all the containers (e.g. bottles and jars) that require recycling before placing them to the recycle bin.
  • Take the trash out daily. Keep the waste under the closed lid.
  • Maintain general cleaniness e.g. by recycling unnecessary cardboard boxes and newspapers (minimize the hiding places of cockroaches)
  • Repair your building e.g. by sealing all the available joints, gaps and slots.

If you encounter cockroaches and cannot solve it by yourself, please contact us. We will solve it!

Pest control of cockroaches

First, the situation is analysed and an individual prevention plan is drawn up for the site. This is followed by an effective and high-quality pesticide treatment.

We use a variety of methods to achieve the best possible results as quickly as possible. We also try to avoid the use of biocides as much as possible.

For more information on the control methods we use, please contact our pest controllers. Contact us!