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Beside pest control services, we are also able to provide you biological contaminant analysis – a high quality surface cleaning and food sampling plan customized only for your business. Our plan usually includes a few food and surface purity samples from your site. Depending on your needs, we collect samples e.g., a few times a year. Samples will be analysed by Net-Foodlab, our partner in

Keep the pests section of your HACCP plan (section 3.5) up to date by having us not only design your plan, but also take care of regular sampling of your business. A plan assessed and designed by an external party may even be of higher quality than one designed by the company itself. With comprehensive plan, you also know the quality of your raw materials at all times. By doing so, you will save yours and your employees time and, of course, money.

Food and surface cleanliness samples

For food sampling, we prefer the hygifood® ATP service developed by Net-Foodlab Oy, which is FINAS-accredited and approved by Finnish authorities. The results of the samples are evaluated on case-by-case and site-by-site basis by using a selected rating scale that takes into account, among other things, your business sector, cleanliness requirements of your site and all safety risks. The hygifood® ATP service also allows you to discover all traces of chemicals on surfaces.

ATP test is a rapid method that very quickly measures the amount of dirt (= microbes and product residues) on surfaces. Method measures the amount of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate, C10H16N5O13P3) in the sample and is also a useful tool for allergen risk management. For more information on the threshold values for that luminometric surface hygiene measurement, don’t be afraid to ask our experts.

For surface cleanliness sampling, we prefer Orion’s Hygicult TPC products.

Hygicult TPC is an easy to use hygiene test for total bacterial count and also a method for hygiene monitoring.

In Hygicult, the traditional agar culture tray (dish) is replaced by a sterile plastic tube with a plastic sheet coated on both sides with a culture medium. The plate also has a joint to facilitate surface sampling. Sample can also be transferred using a sterile cotton swab or by dipping a plastic plate into the liquid to be tested. After colonies have growth (incubation period) the results can be read, for example, by comparing the density of the colonies to the model tables available in the box.

Hygicult TPC hygiene test is a fully domestic product that also meets strict quality assurance criteria. Product guarantees reliable and reproducible results that are fully comparable to traditional methods.

Food hygiene samples

When taking hygiene samples of food raw materials, such as cereals, we prefer the methods recommended by the Finnsh Food Safety Authority.

Target of Evira is to ensure food safety and quality and plant and animal health through research and control. Risks to food safety and diseases that threaten animal and plant health are prepared well in advance.

Contact us so that we can design a customized self-monitoring and hygiene plan for your business.