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Pest control of rats

The rat (Rattus norvegicus), like all rodents, has a long tail.

The rat is either a fairly even brown colour or slightly darker (Black rat, Rattus rattus).

The best way to tell a rat from a mouse is by its size, as it can be almost 30 cm long and weigh up to 600 grams.


Pay attention to so-called preventive prevention. For example:

  • by repairing your building e.g. by sealing all the available joints, gaps and slots e.g. with metal nets
  • by removing some of your trees and decimate the vegatation in general. Thus, minimize all the outdoor climbing opportunities!
  • by keeping the waste of the whole property in “rodent tight” containers
  • by removing e.g. all the fallen apples away from the yard
  • by keeping all your foodstuff in “rodent tight” containers and/or storage facilities

If your rat-related pest problem cannot be solved by preventive means, please contact us. We will solve it!

Acute control of rats

Our approach to rat control is always individual, depending on the number of rats and the area where they are found. An individualised rat control plan is therefore the key to success with your rat problem.

Our approach to rat control is always individual, depending on the number of rats and the area where they are found. A personalised rat control plan is the key to success with your rat problem too.

In general, for all rat-related pest problems, we use trapping and baiting methods, where only professional quality and clean control stations designed primarily for rats are placed in strategic locations. The sleek appearance and optimised size of the stations also allow them to be positioned in a relatively unobtrusive way. Our mechanical control stations include the highly effective yet completely non-toxic Rataway GN A24 (link to YouTube).

Periodic control of rats

You should also ask about our biosecurity contract, whereby we place rat stations permanently on rat paths. Of course, if necessary, we will change the location and number of rat stations.

Regular inspections of rat stations and our accurate reporting of these will tell you your rat situation in real time. Our professionally qualified pest controllers ensure that our monitoring and bait stations are up and running every day of the year.

This way, we can stop rats before they become a problem and prevent the damage they cause.

We believe that the fundamental element of effective rodent control is the balanced combination of the preventive control and biocidal pesticides.

Please contact us when you require professional pest control services against rodents (e.g. mice and rats)!