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Bird control is usually very challenging and time-consuming. Because, in order to solve bird problems effectively, you must first identify the species that is causing the problem. Once you have identified the species, you must get to know their behaviour and habits, before you are able to design an effective bird proofing strategy i.e. an unique bird control plan. In Finland, most of the birds are also protected by law (e.g. protection of nature and hunting law). However, there are still a wide variety of efficient methods to control birds available. Those methods we are continuously developing together with our international partners.

Preventive control:

Fighting birds

Pay attention to the so-called preventative control by repairing your building (e.g. storage facilities and attic) e.g. by sealing all the doors, joints, gaps and slots.

Scaring devices

Different kind of scaring devices (e.g. based on audio, laser, movement or visual e.g. ”dummy beasts”) can be used to help birds flying past the critical locations.


BirdFree (fire gel) can be also classified as a scaring device. It is a discreet (only 8 mm high), yet very effective pre-dosed dish. It can be installed quickly and applied to steeply pitched surfaces without running (even to vertical surfaces). Eyes of birds flying by see the UV light so BirdFree™ appears to them as harmless fire – thus the name “fire gel”. BirdFree™ dishes can be found e.g. from the platforms of Helsinki Central Railway Station, where they had effectively prevented the pigeons from sitting there.

Mech­anical bird barriers

Different kind of mechanical barriers (e.g. nets, slides, spikes and wires) can be installed to the strategic locations in order to make it more complicated for birds to sit around. Mechanical barriers also indirectly prevent the inevitable consequences of the long-term sitting of birds i.e. feces.

Mech­anical traps

Different kind of mechanical traps are extremely suitable for catching small birds humanely. Bird is lured to the trap by using appropriate food as a bait. Bird is thus captured alive and totally undamaged.

NOTE! Even though there are a lot of different kind products available that help you to control the birds, the products do not necessarily work as expected if your bird control is not properly designed as a project by pest control professionals

If you feel bothered by the birds in your neighborhood, please contact us the bird control professionals. We will solve it!