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Our general terms and conditions

General contract terms mentioned in this document will be applied to all services and assignments provided by Antitec.
When customer orders a service or assignment from Antitec Oy, it can be assumed that the customer has familiarized him/herself with these general terms and conditions of Antitec Oy and accepts the terms mentioned in this document as binding.

1. Services and assignments

1.1 Antitec executes the order received from the customer, which may have come by phone, e-mail or via the contact form. Antitec Oy follows only procedures accepted by the quality systems. Customer must provide Antitec all information relevant to complete the order successfully. Special requests and wishes shall be informed to Antitec upon ordering.
Antitec provides the service based on information given by customer. All info is needed in order to perform service as cost-effectively as possible. Antitec commits to perform its services by using the most effective technology and methods based on information provided by the customer.

2. Offer requests and pricing

2.1 Service prices are based on a pre-prepared price list that is communicated with the customer. Price list can be seen at your local Antitec office. Customer can also request some other price-based charge between customer and Antitec.
2.2 Antitec makes an offer to the customer. Offer can be accepted orally or in writing but shall be done always before starting the actual work. After customer has accepted the offer, contract is formed. Offer prepared by Antitec is valid for a certain period of time. Validity time is stated in contract documents or other written documentation, which was used as a reply to offer request. Antitec makes an offer based on information provided by customer. If it becomes clear at work site that work requires more work than earlier estimated, Antitec will offer an updated estimate about total price. Work is started after customer has accepted the updated offer.

3. Invoicing and payment delays

3.1 If Antitec and customer do not have a mutual business contract, Antitec will sent the invoice to customer after the work is completed. Invoicing can be also arranged otherwise upon customer’s wishes. Due date is by default 20 days net, if not agreed otherwise. Invoice is delivered to customer primarily as an online invoice, e-invoice, or by e-mail. Invoice can be also delivered as paper format.
3.2 Antitec follows with regulations of Finnish Interest Law (6323/1982) and charges interest on late payments. Interest rate starts at due date and continues until invoice is paid. Invoice is accepted, if customer do not complain before due date. Maximum of two (2) reminders are sent by Antitec. If customer has not paid invoice after afore mentioned reminders, Antitec transfers the invoice to the debt collection agency for collection. All costs for this will be transferred to the customer.

4. Complaints

4.1 If customer has noticed an error with the service provided by Antitec, customer must immediately notify Antitec, but at latest within seven (7) business days after the service work has been performed. Antitec is responsible to fix the complaint at reasonable time.

5. Antitec main principles

5.1 When Antitec performs services, services are provided only by the pest controller having appropriate educations, licenses and degrees. Pest controller explains how to avoid pest problem from reappearing.
5.2 Antitec has abilities to recycle furniture contaminated by pests. Service requires additional costs. Contaminated furniture can be also heated in local Antitec office. Customer shall transport furniture there at his/her costs. Antitec is not responsible if furniture is damaged during transportation or heat treatment.
5.3 Customer is responsible to cover all his/her furniture and any things left to site during pest control service if Antitec requests it. Antitec is not responsible for site structure, furniture and any other belongings left to site by customer.
5.4 Customer is responsible to make sure that Antitec can perform pest control services without any delay.
5.5 If pest control actions needs to performed in the fixed structure of the property, customer needs to prepare site so that Antitec pest controller can perform his actions without delay and an obstacles. Antitec does not re-install any light structure or belongings back and is also not responsible if they are damaged during uninstallation work needed to perform pest control service successfully.
5.6 Customer is informed that pest problem may occur after pest control treatment is completed. Additional work needed will be agreed separately. Customer can be offered continuous and long-lasting business contract in order to keep problem in control. Customer can accept or reject that offer.
5.7 Antitec compensates customer for expenses caused by damages caused by an Antitec Oy employee during service performance. Expenses are compensated to maximum of ten thousand (10,000) euros and at minimum agreed price of the service.
5.8 Antitec is not responsible for any actions if some animal is killed following bait consumption from Antitec bait station or gets trapped to site structure. For bad odours entering indoors, odour / smell bags are recommended as first aid.

6. Services performed by 3rd party

6.1 Antitec may sometimes need to use services provided by any 3rd party company. In that case, Antitec informs customer beforehand. Antitec is responsible for services and quality performed by that 3rd party.

7. Contract termination

7.1 Customer has right to terminate the agreed annual/seasonal contract in accordance with conditions mentioned in the contract. Contract termination must be made in written format. Normal notice period is six months. Contract termination conditions can be also mutually agreed separately.
7.2 Antitec has right to terminate contract if customer is unable to pay the invoice at due date, and has not made a complaint by that due date.
Antitec can also cancel or postpone the start date of the contract if, based on the customer notification, date of the assignment will be moved forward. Antitec can also cancel or postpone the contract if the customer does not repair and fix the recommended actions by Antitec within a reasonable time, thereby causing considerable financial damage to Antitec when considering the value of the contract.
7.3 Antitec has rights to change these general terms and conditions, as long as the changes are also mentioned on company’s website (, where these general terms and conditions are also available.

8. Applicable laws and legistlation

8.1 General contract conditions mentioned in this document are based on Finnish laws for service or work performance. All disputes arising will be resolved in Varsinais-Suomen käräjänoikeus (District Court of Varsinais-Suomi), or according to the agreement.

Antitec Oy, Kimokatu 5, 20380 Turku, Finland, 02 2305 673, 5.4.2024.