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Pest control of ants

Basic principles of ant pest control

Ants while eating

Why ants are a problem?

Ants can be a big problem both in households and business estates. They do not just disturb you, but can also cause damage to your real estate and groceries stored there temporary or more permanently. Ants are one of our most common pest control pests.

Pest control of ants is an easy and carefree project for customer, if it is done professionally. Please contact us as soon as possible when you encounter them.

Several ant species exists. Use e.g., link below

Suomen Luonto also provides additional information in Finnish.


Understand how ants act and let us do the job for you

You need to know exactly how ants behave, before you can control them efficiently. Ants seek food and water. That’s why, they enter indoors very easily.

It is an impossible to task to prevent ants from entering real estates. Pest control actions against ants, are recommended to be performed at early spring.

Ants increase and spread fast, which means that problem is bigger later in the summer. Pest control actions needs to be executed only to places where ants are encountered.

Professional help is a key issue

For short-term, problem can solved by yourself, by for long-term, professional help may be used.

Professionals identify species and use only efficient and safe insecticides and methods designed only for that species. Ants can be eliminated from indoors very safely.

Identification is also very important. Most ants encountered indoors in Finland and small black carpenter ants. But, several other species also exists.

Method is customized for each species separately. It will be a tough task to get rid of ants especially if the problem is large and big.

Recommended preventive actions

Key issue with ants are all your preventive actions. Fill all cracks and holes of your real estate property, keep your kitchen clean and do not leave food to the open space for a long time.

Especially, all juice stains and other sweet groceries attract ants. Those sweeties attract ants from long distance.

Ants seeks food all the time. Therefore, cleaniness is important every day.

Safe pest control methods

We only use safe and environmentally friendly pest control methods and insecticides, so that you home or your business is a safe place for you and your family.

Indoors we use mostly baiting method. Ants eat bait and take it with them to their nest. Baiting method is therefore an easy way to get rid of ants.

Ants love professional insecticides, but we prefer to use them only environment-friendly.

Fast and efficient pest control services for you

We offer fast and efficient services minimazing all inconveniences it may cause to you. Are you ready to solve your ant problem? Please contact us, the professionals, and ask for free offer.











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Keep ants away! Ants away cost-friendly by professionals. Ant pest control has never been more easier than now. Keep your home and business free from ants with the help of our professionals. Contact us today and let’s us help you!