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Pest control of rodents

Basic principles of rodent control

Pest control plan is always customized

We start the pest control by carefully investigating the site regarding rats and mice. Pest control plan is always customized to the site and infestation. Please note that rats require different methods and rodenticides than mice. Mice and rat controls can be also done in different locations. Rodents enter real estated when searching food and warmth. Co-operation between professional control and customer is required for high success.

When you first encounter mouse or rat, pest control actions needs to be started at utmost time. Usually, if you see even 1 rat on a bright daylight, unfortunately, it is not the only one there. At least, population of 10-15 rats is around. Pest control against rats pays back even at the first time.

Pest control against rats can be done either when problem is acute or before as a preventive action. Therefore it is wise to think also for long-term solutions. Our preventive long-term solutions also include a warranty, which means that all extra visits are free of charge. We use all available professional methods e.g., rodenticides and mechanical (non-toxic) equipment. Rodenticides against rats can be bought also by professional pest controllers and licensed farmers in his/her own farm. Rodents do a lot of different damages. They destroy groceries. Their feces are also very disgusting. They also cut electrical wires.

Several benefits with efficient pest control of mice

Pest control against mice is performed is different locations compared to rats. Pest control against mice can be also performed with the pulse method, if the site is safe from children and other animals. Pest control against mice is usually performed with traps and rodenticides. Our pest control actions silence all unwanted noices from suspended ceiling very fast and efficiently. Pest control against mice shall also be customized.

How can mice enter real estates?

Rodents seek warmth and food. In real estates, they look for warmth. All cracks and holes of the real estate help mice enter indoors. Those holes are e.g., related to ventilation and corrugated iron sheet covering roofs and walls. You can use e.g., steel or wire wool for holes or iron clips between bricks. Both will help for sometime. Rodents are innovative and persistent. Therefore those are not a final and ultimate solution. Preventive pest control along with those above mentioned actions, is the best available protection against rats and mice.

We start actions by investigating the site properly!

Customized pest control plan is designed. Purpose of the investigation is to evaluate rodent population at site as well as where they are located. Based on that investigation, customized and most effective methods against rats and mice as selected. Both mechanical (non-toxic) traps and rodentices are usually needed. We prevent to use rodenticides as much as possible. When you ask us to investigate your problem, our professional is most likely to give an offer at the same time.

Diseases and damages caused by rodents

Rodents cause different kind of damages. Most common damages are aesthetical e.g., visible holes in your neighbourhood. They also make holes to structures. At worst case, they cut electrical wires causing cutovers or even fires. They also carry many diseases. All contaminated groceries need to be recycled immediately.

Pest control with rodenticides

It is most efficient and cost-friendly to perform pest control against mice and rats with rodenticides. Usually, as a hybrid method, along with (non-toxic) mechanical traps. Rodenticides are safe when used by professionals. All rodenticides are installed to rodent stations. All other parties are not able to access rodenticides inside stations. Usually, the problem is cleared within the 35 day period. Rodenticides are used as attractive baits. Bait can be in the form of different seeds or paste. Rats are neophopic, so results can be seen after some days (usually a week). Most rodenticides require that rats eat it several times before they are killed. Most rodenticides are however anticoagulants, which makes their blood thinner. Rodents are therefore killed by bleeding internally. Because of that, rodents seek water when they become sick. Water source are usually under surface. Professional pest controller recycle all dead rats and mice they found.

Rodenticides and other animals

All rodenticides need to be always placed carefully. Professional pest controllers only use appropriate stations and accepted rodenticides. They also use rodenticides only as much as needed, not too much. When pest control is planned and executed carefully, rodenticides are not available for other animals. Most rodenticides against rats are anticoagulants. Their antidote is K1- vitamin. All rodent stations installed by professional pest controllers include sticker, which indicates the rodenticide used and its antidote. Professional pest controllers also notify residents of the area before pest control actions are started.

Rodent control in Antitec

We perform pest control actions against rodents nationwide. Antitec always follows agreed best practices approved by Finnish local authority Tukes. Please check their web pages:

Antitec also performs pest control actions against rodents both when problem is acute and also as preventive. Site and neighbourhood are always investigated carefully. Contact our local site for more information rat and mice pest control. You can also contact our nationwide customer service. Problem is usually solved more quickly when we can start our pest control actions immediately when the problem arises.

Antitec rodent control is at your service