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Pest control of fur beetles

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Did you found fur beetles from your home? How to get rid to of that textile pest

Two-spotted carpet beetleFur beetle


Two-spotted carpet beetle is about 5 mm long, circular and dark or black coloured beetle. It has, like its name indicates, two white spots in its back.

Fur beetle is also 5 mm long, circular and dark-brown coloured beetle. It has, like its Finnish name indicates, a pattern that resembles a wave (belt) in its back.

Both larvae look similar. They are both approximately 10 mm long and hairy. Fur beetle larvae is slightly darker and lacklustre than two-spotted carpet beetle larvae.

What can I do by myself?

Fur beetles love textile products. Please keep your clothes, textiles and their wardrobes clean.

Wash all clothes bought e.g., from flea markets carefully before storing them.

Keep also all your natural woollen textiles, which are stored for a longer period (e.g., in winter) in air-tight bags, if anyhow possible. Fur beetles can be located in wardrobes and closets. Fur beetles do damage especially to woollen clothes. Damages are done by its larvae, not the adult one. If you only spot one adult in your apartment, you shall not overact, but if you spot any damages or larvae, please contact us immediately.

Pest control of fur beetles

First, pest control plan is made. In apartments with close neighbours (e.g., block of flats and terraced houses) they however tend to spread easily from apartment to another through piping system and other penetrations. In that case, professional help is required. Pest control against fur beetles is executed by spraying method. More information about that method can be found from here

In old apartments they also spread very easily, because a lot of attractive materials can be found from there. Two pest control visit is enough.

Contact Antitec when you encounter fur beetles

Please ask for professional help, when you have a fur beetle problem. Contact our customer service: 02 230 5673. Please contact our customer service or our nearest office:








Keep your textile closets clean.

It is a key issue if you store clothes and textiles there for a long period. It prevents fur beetles from getting food. Dust, moisture and dirt, damage textiles, but also attract fur beetles. Vacuuming and cleaning dusts regularly helps a lot.

Fur beetle

Try these tips and tricks against fur beetles

Like mentioned above, fur beetles eat textiles, dust and dead insects. Larvae does the damages, not the adult one. If you encounter adult fur beetle, wash all your suitable textiles in 60 C and keep your wardrobes clean. Ventilate your clothes also often. Both fur beetles can be controlled also with insecticides available also non-professionals. Check out our availablilty from our Antitec web shop. Larvae usually live in the property structure. Please contact your landlord, housing manager and us, the pest control professionals.

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